Commitment & Certifications

Commitment is committed to promote organic coffee in the Isle of New Guinea and in the South Pacific Region, where Melanesian peoples live. Melanesian peoples are very vulnerable to foreign influences. We are very popular in imitating almost everything: the language, the way of life, the way of talking, the way of eating, the way of farming, the way of doing business, and the way of drinking coffee as well as treating coffee in the farm. We are committed to warn Melanesian peoples to stick on our own organic methods that our ancestors had told us to use. We are committed to keep any chemical fertilizers out of our territory and our lives. is an Online Store of Baliem Arabica Cooperative (KSU Baliem Arabica) that sells its coffees to local and national markets in West Papua. All Coffees sold here are:

  • 100% organic;
  • 100% arabica;
  • 100% single origins; and
  • 100% non-GMOs or anti-GMOs



  1. Rainforest Alliance Certifications that can be verified at
  2. Control Union Certifications
  3. OVOP (One Village One Product) Papua Coordinator


Currently we have applied to obtain FairTrade certification but still waiting for approval. We did have CERES Certification because this certification was terminated when we got the Control Union Certifications.


What does it mean to be certified organic?

In order for coffee to be certified and sold as organic in the United States, it must be produced in accordance with U.S. standards for organic production and certified by an agency accredited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. U.S. requirements for organic coffee production include farming without synthetic pesticides or other prohibited substances for three years and a sustainable crop rotation plan to prevent erosion, the depletion of soil nutrients, and control for pests. [Read More at]

For us tradtional farmers in New Guinea, certified organic means our lives is saved, our future genetations’ life is saved, and our planet Earth is saved.