100% Organic Coffee Production

Coffee is the number one cash crop in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Over 2 million people (40% of the country’s total population) depend both directly and indirectly on money earned from coffee to purchase household pay children’s school fees, provide clothing and medicines and take care of cultural obligations.

The concept of organic coffee was first introduced into PNG in 1991 and even today there are only three areas with organic coffee certification. On average over the past five years, 600 tons of certified organic coffee have been exported annually from PNG, which is roughly 0.5% of PNG’s total coffee production. This makes PNG organic coffee special for both consumers and producers.

Because these villagers live in such remote places, their coffee must be picked up by airplanes on grass landing strips, or for those lucky enough to have road access, it must be trucked to the nearest town. Unfortunately the roads are in terrible condition and even tractors can end up with broken axles from the trip. Coffee Connections has initiated a program of road improvements to help these growers get their coffee to market.