Papua Coffees: Brief History

80 years ago, Arabica coffee was initially planted in the Papua highlands by

;Name:Coffea arabica ;Family:Rubiaceae Coffea ...

;Name:Coffea arabica ;Family:Rubiaceae Coffea arabica: Berries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

missionaries. This coffee was only for the missionaries and the indigenous
people to enjoy. In 1994, the government began planting more coffee in this
area. However, because of a lack of organization and marketing, the coffee
was never exported and the plants began to deteriorate.

In 2007, PT Freeport took on the challenge of reintroducing coffee production,
processing, and marketing. The Baliem Arabica Cooperative is comprised
of over 550 farmers. The revenue made from coffee sales will be used for
mainly for education and health care.


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