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papuacoffeesd.com is the website of the Specialty Coffee Association of Papua (henceforth SCAP), an industry association of coffee growers and producers in the Isle of New Guinea. The signing of business cooperation agreements between the governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia  had opened new doors of opportunities for investments  in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia’s New Guinea (Papua and Papua Barat provinces). Baliem Arabica Cooperative (KSU Baliem Arabica) through its Global Marketing and Sales Unit is pioneering steps towards setting up Association of Papua Coffee Growers and Producers under the name of SCAP with the following mission and programmes with a hope that the Government of Papua New Guinea and the Governors of Papua and Papua Barat will facilitate coffee growers and producers in both parts of New Guinea to form the association and move forward for a balanced and harmonious future.


Mission of the Specialty Coffee Association of Papua:

To increase the quality, value and volume of Papua specialty coffee.
The Specialty Coffee Association of Papua provides effective forum, bringing together all industry members involved with Coffee production and sales in the Isle of New Guinea to promote and set standards for the growing, processing, exporting and retailing of Papua’s specialty coffee.   To be more specific:

  • The association is only concerned with specialty grade Arabica coffee, and
  • The association is about standards and certifications whether they are for green bean or the making of an espresso






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  2. Buy Papua Coffees: http://buy.papuacoffees.com or http://westpapua.net (in English) and http://papuamart.tk or http://omegamart.asia (in Indo. Malay)
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