About Us

About Us tells you who we are and what we do

ORGANICArabica.coffee only sells organic coffee from the Isle of New Guinea and other Melanesian regions like Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

  • We are traditional coffee farmers from across Melanesian Archipelago, from Timor Island, the Isle of New Guinea and to other smaller Melanesian islands like Solomon Islands, Kanaky, Vanuatu and Fiji;
  • We stand firm for and dedicated to maintaining our organic practices of farming we inherited from our ancestors, by consciously and repeatedly, at any cost, refusing the use or spread of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives into the plants, during production or when packaging of our coffee products;
  • Besides, we are here to supply our Organic Coffees or Organic Green Beans to our small and individual customers around the world who like coffee, or who cannot live without coffee.


ORGANICArabica.coffees’ an Online Store of Baliem Arabica Cooperative (KSU Baliem Arabica) that sells its coffees to local and national markets in West Papua. All Coffees sold here are:

  • 100% organic;
  • 100% arabica;
  • 100% single origins; and
  • 100% non-GMOs or anti-GMOs



ORGANICArabica.coffee to become a leading world class organic coffee trader from the South Pacific (Melanesian) region in the 21st century that provides superior value to customers, share holders, employees and the surrounding natural environments.


ORGANICArabica.coffee exists to

  • Promote the practices of sustainable and organic coffee farming and trading among Melanesian regions in the South Pacific Region;
  • Promote healthy living and organic living among the Melanesian tribes of the South Pacific;
  • Link and promote all organic coffee farmers in the Melanesian Archipelago to have access to global markets; to share knowledge and skills and to set standards of organic coffee farming and trade in the region;
  • Promote small and clan-based coffee farming and small or individual coffee purchasing around the world.


Statement of Commitment to Organic Coffee

ORGANICArabica.coffee has traveled to islands and farmers across Melanesian archipelago and have seen various Melanesian coffee farmers being told what they call “good practices of planting coffees”. Most of them were taught how to clear the forests and spread fertilizers and pesticides, as if, we Melanesians did not know from our ancestors how to plant such a tree.

ORGANICArabica.coffee in West Papua do not follow such a practice. We practice our own practice of planting trees. We select places where we know coffee can grow, we even plant new trees that we know well will protect the soil and the coffee grow well. We plant our coffees in our own tribal lands. We do not have “coffee estate” or coffee industrial farm or complex.

ORGANICArabica.coffee know that the path towards organic coffee planting is not that easy nowadays, firstly because  the amount of coffee beans produced is less that the product of those who spread fertilizers and pesticides. However, we are sure, both from our ancestors and from various studies and reports that organic farming is the only way forward for a healthy life, i.e., balanced, joyful, and harmonious life, the kind of life we Melanesians inherited from our old generations.

We as coffee growers, producers and traders in Melanesia are now standing up facing the markets that disregard healthy, harmonious, joyful and sustainable living.

Our Target Customers

ORGANICArabica.coffee invites individuals and families who understand and want to live healthy and leave this planet earth inhabitable to our future generations to support us by buying our organic Coffees from Melanesian regions: East Timor, Nusa Tenggara, New Guinea, Kanaky and Vanuatu.