A Recipe For “The Perfect Cup”!

Wednesday, June 12th 2013. | Reviews

SO… How can you find the world’s best coffee,
at a reasonable price, and then enjoy it with absolute overflowing satisfaction?

English: Roasted coffee beans photographed usi...

English: Roasted coffee beans photographed using a macro technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, Ok, so What EXACTLY IS the World’s Best Coffee?

There are six factors to consider when searching for “The Perfect Cup”, at least two of which are often overlooked. The good news is that the path to “Coffee Nirvana” is real. I mean, at least in my humble opinion, it does exist. The bad news is…you can screw it up almost anywhere along the way! (Much like life, grasshoppoh…) The factors are as follows:

1) Your coffee roaster/retailer must start with the very best quality green coffee beans obtainable.

2) It must be purchased fresh roasted AND whole bean from a reputable roasting company.

3) You must know what your favorite coffees are.

4) It must be properly stored.

5) It must be properly ground.

6) It must be properly brewed.

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