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Thursday, May 14th 2009. | Papua Coffees

We are looking for a controller to be assigned and as governing person for


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cooperative that is purchasing coffee from its organic certified partner
producers. Including and mainly of the task are to control and monitor the
quantity of parchment coffee purchase by cooperative purchasing team,
verifying invoice against actual, administer all entries of purchase invoice
into computer database against farmer seller name, code and quantity for
traceability and for farmer not exceeding sales quota.

Control and records of how many parchment coffee is processed/hulled in factory
to make sure quantity is acrimonious with green bean output, as well as
processing cost.

Control and supervise bean sorting activities, keep records between good and
reject quality bean and quantity is consistently traceable to its previous
original form and place of purchase.

Implement internal control system through coordination with cooperative’
internal inspection team making sure it is properly in function on its tasks
and submit regular reports to cooperative and administer the file both soft
and hard forms, a system established which is aimed at enhancing
cooperative’s elligibility in its current endevour for another certification.
Do regular reporting of finance and project activities progress, issues
happen in the project deserving attention that feedbacks received are to be
followed up and implemented.

Maintain vehicle log that 2 cars will only be used for project related

Person hired is to help create cooperative a proper organisation to carry its
function from procurement, processing to transport and sales activities of
Papua Arabica coffee.

Person we are seeking is not necessarily experienced in coffee but accounting
and finance skill is a must. Troubleshooting, ability to work with people and
some quality of leadership as well as passion to learn and work are quality

Man is more acceptable to working condition, currently living and working in
Wamena is most preferred.

Our project information can be viewed at

Application considered qualified will be immediately responded or please call
if you are residing in Wamena.

Phone:0812 48609476
Email to: inbox…


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